Chronosphere Lens and Change Event Tracking

Chronosphere Lens and Change Event Tracking empower developers to quickly diagnose and resolve cloud-native issues.


In the world of cloud-native development, observability is essential for maintaining system health and ensuring a positive user experience. However, with the increasing complexity of cloud-native environments, it can be challenging for developers to keep up with the ever-growing volume of data and identify the root cause of issues. To address these challenges, Chronosphere, a leading cloud-native observability platform, has introduced two new features: Chronosphere Lens and Change Event Tracking. These features are designed to simplify observability for developers and empower them to resolve problems faster and more effectively.


Chronosphere Lens: A Single, Service-Oriented View of System Health

Change Event Tracking is another new feature that provides developers with instant insight into the impact of changes made to infrastructure, applications, or business systems. By correlating changes with system anomalies, developers can quickly identify the root cause of problems and take corrective action before they impact the customer experience or the bottom line. This feature eliminates the guesswork often associated with troubleshooting issues and significantly reduces the time to resolution.

Benefits of Chronosphere Lens and Change Event Tracking

The introduction of Chronosphere Lens and Change Event Tracking brings several benefits to developers and organisations:

  1. Improved developer productivity: By providing a unified view of system health and correlating changes with anomalies, these features help developers quickly identify and resolve problems, freeing up their time for more innovative tasks.
  2. Reduced downtime: Faster problem identification and resolution lead to reduced downtime, which improves customer satisfaction and protects business revenue.
  3. Simplified observability: The service-oriented approach and seamless correlation of metrics, traces, and events make observability more intuitive and easier to manage, reducing the cognitive load on developers.
  4. Empowered decision-making: With deeper insights into system behaviour and the impact of changes, developers can make more informed decisions about system design, deployment, and optimization.


In the fast-changing world of cloud-native development, Chronosphere Lens and Change Event Tracking are like game-changers, helping developers solve problems more quickly and effectively. By giving a clear picture of system health, connecting changes to problems, and making it easier to understand, these features help businesses work better, keep customers happy, and be more competitive. As more businesses use cloud-native systems, the need for good observability tools will only grow. Chronosphere is focused on helping developers be productive and understand their systems, so it is well-positioned to lead the way in helping businesses navigate the complexities of the cloud-native era.