Cloud Engineer - Prometheus

  1. 3-5 years of experience in observability engineering.
  2. Gain insights from metrics, events, logs and traces through Observability platforms.
  3. Expert level understanding of the log monitoring and observability space.
  4. Ability to take nebulous requirements and break down into actionable technical work for team.
  5. Expert level experience in Prometheus and Grafana is required for this role.
  6. Knowledge of SignalFx, Wavefront, etc. is desirable.
Roles and Responsibilities
  1. Design, architect and implement scalable, reliable, and efficient observability systems.
  2. Leading migration of dashboards across observability platforms, and providing validation of new implementation.
  3. Interact with customers to provide solutions for observability in a subject matter expert role.
Job Location

Kochi Infopark

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